When planning a construction project, site evaluation is essential. A suitable location is obviously a must and proper selection is the key to success. Make a mistake and the entire plan can be compromised, resulting in delays, added expense, safety issues, and tremendous frustration.

Site Evaluation & Real Estate

Contact the experienced professionals from LandRace Development at (530) 350-9161 for site investigation for your next building project in Northern California. We have a ridiculously close relationship with the best brokers in California and help you make the right choice on where, what, and how you build. An in-depth site analysis and feasibility study isn’t just a matter of routine. At LandRace Development, we make it our responsibility to maximize the return on your property investment. We target only “Green Zone” approved locations, ensure everything is properly entitled and look for Opportunity Zones for tax advantages. We also look at the current (and proximity to) infrastructure and utilities to maximize the use of the location or building.

Our team will help you find the perfect location for your cannabis facility!

We come up with options, put the pieces together, and address all site elements to support effective and efficient property development and long-term benefits. Recognizing the importance of accurate information and knowledgeable recommendations, LandRace Development takes the time to explain and educate in a way that’s easy to understand and utilize. We serve the best interests of our clients across San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, Modesto, Stockton & Chico, CA.