Probably the most difficult component of starting a growing operation is finding the right place to do it. LandRace Development will look at a new or current location to upgrade the existing infrastructure to maximize your canopy and roads to transport it. We can also build the ancillary structures, create a security envelope, and provide a California State Water Resources Control Board approved irrigation and Waste Water system.

Outdoor Cannabis Grow Facility Construction

We’ve brought together a talented, seasoned, and proven team of structural, civil, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and fire sprinkler engineers, architects, design specialists, and contractors to establish a thorough evaluation of the site and other influential aspects to address and prevent potential concerns.
We know that indoor lights aren’t quite the same as the sun, cost more, and create a larger carbon footprint. Maximizing every advantage and resource, we acknowledge the unique characteristics of outdoor cannabis facilities and customize services to your best interests. Our in-depth feasibility report is the key to smarter decisions and a streamlined, on budget completion.

Outdoor Marijuana Facility Construction Services

Our forward planning, extensive resources, and commitment to quality make us the right choice to develop your business. LandRace Development considers all cannabis requirements, including tolerances, easements and equipment, uses correct information per county, and specializes in construction and development across San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, Modesto, Stockton & Chico, CA.