LandRace Development recognizes and answers the unique complexities of the rapidly growing cannabis industry from the farm to packaging. Delivery services are not only convenient but also extremely helpful in brand awareness. However, there are specific types of licenses with their own requirements, security, and build standards to be aware of.

Cannabis Delivery Service Licensing & Requirements

These requirements necessitate a great deal of organization, monitoring, information gathering, and paperwork. You not only want to check every box but also ensure a smooth, cost-effective, and swift process that reflects the integrity of your products and business. LandRace Development makes that happen for our clients in Northern California. Our role is to streamline, simplify, and satisfy.
LandRace Development remains updated with California Code Regulations. From the provisions for service vehicles and a dedicated Global Positioning System (GPS) to track location and record the history of all deliveries to stipulations for delivery packaging and employees, we ensure compliance.

LandRace Development provides the expertise you need to start your cannabis delivery service!

We’re happy to share knowledge, information, and recommendations. Our wealth of resources and expertise is at your disposal. The delivery process begins when your employee exits your licensed premises with the cannabis goods and ends when the employee returns. From start-to-finish, LandRace Development optimizes productivity, security, fulfillment, efficiency, and quality. We help you achieve greater success.