Compliance-minded is how we do business at LandRace Development. We exceed expectations through progressive thinking, foresight, and a holistic approach. Nothing is left to chance, overlooked, or skimped upon. Whether for a single license or shooting for vertical integration, all of our designs prioritize the lowest possible operating cost without sacrificing quality or sustainability. We guide you toward smart decisions by capturing and sharing data. Supporting detailed plans and implementing numerous operation tasks, LandRace Development delivers a smooth, swift process and unmatched value in Northern California.

Our Cannabis Construction & Development Procedures

Have confidence that you’re kept current with what’s going on. At LandRace Development, we only operate in open book, so you’re always aware of where and how your capital is being invested. Incorporating an extraordinary amount of effort into your building prior to breaking ground, we strive to avoid delays, waste, and frustration.

As we’ve proven, it’s much easier to move lines on paper than walls on site. LandRace Development brings together the best and most experienced design team, customizing services to your specific location, complexity, and license type.

Commercial Cannabis Construction Requires Solid Procedures

LandRace Development acknowledges the unique characteristics of traditional cannabis construction and brings formal procedures that the authorities are accustomed to working with. We facilitate the start-to-finish construction procedures, handling each and every stage from conception to completion. From turnkey to owner provided and everything in between, we work closely with our clients and achieve their goals. Contact LandRace Development at (530) 350-9161 for further information, answers to your concerns, and a rewarding experience anywhere across San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, Modesto, Stockton & Chico, CA.