The design and construction of a cannabis climate controlled or non-controlled distribution facility is a complex process, requiring careful consideration from a diverse team of knowledgeable professionals.

Climate Controlled Grow Room Construction

LandRace Development is the right starting point for a complete range of expertise and building services in Northern California. We understand that identifying requirements and challenges as early as possible facilitates the process, cutting costs, trimming turnaround time, and promoting success.
Our goal is a more efficient and higher quality operation of your business. The storing climate is essential to preserving fresh products. Large or small, a well-designed distribution is the backbone of the entire cannabis industry.

Professional Cultivation Facility Construction Services

LandRace Development is knowledgeable in your needs, lighting, security and climate control to prevent costly heat loss or gain. We customize the start-to-finish project to realize your specific goals without draining your budget. Get in touch with LandRace Development for further information, answers to your questions, and the total build of climate controlled and non-controlled distribution centers across San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, Modesto, Stockton & Chico, CA.